Simple Changes: A Series, Part II

Hi! Dahlia the Dietitian here. Let’s talk about carbs. Contrary to diet culture, carbs are good. In fact, carbs are great! Carbohydrates are our body’s preferred energy source. We digest them fast in order to make energy to do activities like walking, running, playing, even...

Nutrition and Pregnancy: A Series Part II

Hello! Dahlia the Dietitian here. Part II of this series will cover three very important nutrients to consider during pregnancy: folic acid, vitamin D, and an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. These nutrients are imperative for fetal growth and development. A pregnant woman can...

How Does Diet and Nutrition Impact My Child’s Mental Health?

In light of the last post on dietary patterns and mental health adults, we want you to consider how dietary patterns impact the mental health of children and adolescents. Why Is This An Important Consideration? At Playa Vista Mental Health Medical Group, all of the practitioners...

Is My Diet Affecting My Mental Health?

Have you experienced what is commonly termed as a “food coma” (i.e feeling full, tired, sluggish) after eating a really great meal, and were unmotivated to do anything afterwards? Have you ever experienced feeling so sad or depressed that you ate a pint of ice cream...

Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

Here is a link to research about prebiotic intake.  I’m glad that this article was posted about the link between gut bacteria and anxiety.  Stomach “issues” and anxiety very often come hand in hand.  I think that as more research goes into studying this link we...