Boundaries: Overstaying Your Welcome; When Work Comes Home

Ever have a hard time balancing your personal and work life? Before COVID-19, people clocked in and clocked out of workplaces. However, since the global pandemic, many had to transition to working in a home environment. Let’s talk about some healthy boundaries, what they...

Simple Changes: A Series

I truly believe making lifestyle changes doesn’t have to be difficult. Making tweaks and adjustments to your diet or activity level doesn’t need to make you feel like you’re pulling out your hair. When we try to accomplish a million things at once (“I will cut out dairy, sugar,...

Are Your Negative Thoughts Impacting Your Mental Health?

In life it is inevitable that we will have negative experiences or bad things to happen to us. However, it is how we recover, manage, and cope with the negative experiences that ultimately shapes our mental health. It is quite normal to experience negativity or negative thoughts...

Prioritizing Mental Health as a New Mom

What are the chances that two psychiatrists who work together here at Playa Vista Mental Health and  both specialize in women’s mental health have babies within a few weeks of one another? We decided we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to discuss something that is on both of...